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LinkConnector Welcomes Top 500 Online Retailer, Peapod, and Produces a Fruitful New Affiliate Marketing Program

The launch of the new Peapod Program in the LinkConnector Affiliate Marketing Network gives affiliates something to bite into.

CARY, NC — April 25, 2008 — LinkConnector (, a leading Affiliate Marketing Network with progressive solutions for merchants and affiliates, announced today that Peapod (, America's largest online grocery delivery and shopping service, has launched an affiliate marketing program in the LinkConnector Network. The recently launched Peapod Program offers affiliates a competitive per sale commission structure based on affiliate performance. The Peapod name garners strong conversion rates and drives a high annual sales volume. The online grocer gives testament to this with its position among the top 500 retail sites found on the web, according to the Internet Retailer's Top 500 Guide.

Affiliates promoting the Peapod Program through LinkConnector will earn revenue while providing their visitors with a smart grocery-shopping solution for busy schedules. The Peapod program pays its affiliates a tiered commission based on the number of new customers the affiliate drives to the Peapod website. An affiliate earns $12 per sale when they drive their first new customer to Peapod, and then up to $20 per sale once they begin driving 50 new customers or more to Peapod. The online grocer is excited to reward its affiliate partners with this premium payout and can do so given LinkConnector's cost effective service solution.

"Given that LinkConnector's pricing remains among the lowest in the industry, we have greater flexibility to reward our affiliates more for their effective traffic," said Reshall Jimmy, Senior Affiliate Manager for, the Affiliate Management Agency of Record that manages all the affiliate relationships for Peapod, LLC. "Our affiliates come first. With the high quality support we receive through our LinkConnector service package, we are able to go the extra mile for our affiliate partners. We expect to reach new goals in our affiliate channel, and increase both our bottom line and those of our affiliate partners."

Founded in 1989 as a smart shopping option for busy people, Peapod today stands as the country's leading Internet grocer, serving 18 U.S. markets, primarily in the Northeast. With more than 10,000 products for shoppers to choose from, Peapod boasts not just the expected selection of grocery basics, but also farm-fresh produce, restaurant-quality meats and much more. For a fee as low as $6.95, most customers can place orders for delivery as soon as next-day. "The biggest hurdle was convincing consumers they could shop online and still maintain control over the quality of their picks," says Andrew Parkinson, company founder and president. "That's been Peapod's cornerstone all along."

The Peapod Affiliate Marketing Program is open to PPC affiliates (although they do have keyword restrictions), email and coupon affiliates. Historically, these affiliate categories have been top performers. With the launch of their program in the LinkConnector Network, LinkConnector provides its affiliates with another Internet Retailer Top 500 Merchant offer, according to the 2007 edition of Internet Retailer's Top 500 Guide to Retail Web Sites. Affiliates, it's time to produce.

About Peapod, LLC
Founded in 1989 by brothers Andrew and Thomas Parkinson, Peapod has grown to be one of America's leading Internet grocers. Peapod is a wholly owned subsidiary of international food provider Royal Ahold, and works in partnership with Ahold USA supermarket companies including Stop & Shop and Giant Food.

Peapod combines the value of a well-priced, diverse product selection with the ease of Internet shopping and delivery. Peapod serves 18 U.S. markets including the metro areas of Chicago, Milwaukee, Boston, Suburban N.Y. and Washington, D.C., and communities in the states of Illinois, Wisconsin, Maryland, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Virginia, Rhode Island and New Jersey.

To join the Peapod LinkConnector Affiliate Program, visit:

About ForgeBusiness
ForgeBusiness is a specialist multi-network outsourced affiliate management agency that works with leading Fortune 1000 companies and high impact startups to develop innovative affiliate marketing strategies. The company manages Financial Services, FMCG, Health & Wellness, Apparel & Jewelery and many other programs in the USA, Europe, Asia and South Africa. Founded in South Africa by industry veteran, speaker, blogger and relentless traveler, Jonathan Miller, in 2001 the company has fast become a market leader in the affiliate management industry. Forge employs 26 Affiliate Managers, Recruiters, Technologists, Copywriters, Web, -creative, -development & supporting staff who toil relentlessly for 18 hours a day to forge relationships with affiliates in 24 time zones! For more information on Forge visit

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