LinkConnector Advances Affiliate Recruitment with Publisher Discovery’s AI Technology

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LinkConnector Advances Affiliate Recruitment with Publisher Discovery’s AI Technology

LinkConnector’s Publisher Discovery powered integration transforms the essential recruiting process by connecting merchants with the most relevant affiliate matches. 

Today, LinkConnector (LC) announced its partnership with Publisher Discovery giving LC merchants the advantage of affiliate recruitment efficiency and accuracy powered seamlessly by Publisher Discovery’s powerful artificial intelligence (AI) technologies.

The Publisher Discovery integration directly into LinkConnector’s interface gives LC merchants access to their unique internal network-Recommender. This enables merchants to view and sort all of the potential affiliate partners on LinkConnector’s network by relevance, value and a total score. These combine to indicate how potentially valuable each affiliate is likely to be, and how well they will likely perform based on historical data in LinkConnector.

Publisher Discovery uses AI to show LinkConnector merchants their top affiliate matches to recruit on the LC network. Affiliates are ranked by how much revenue they have the potential to drive, specific to the merchant’s website and offer, as well as by the relevancy of their content. Merchants can use filters to view pending or new affiliates, and sliders to filter the lists down even further to get the most relevant list of potential affiliate partners.

As part of LinkConnector’s offering, Co-Managed merchants in LinkConnector can also access Publisher Discovery’s database of over three million active affiliates for additional internal and external recruitment of affiliates based on their vertical or competitors. For a monthly subscription fee, LinkConnector’s Self-Managed merchants are able to readily upgrade to access additional powerful recruiting features.

LinkConnector is the exclusive U.S. Affiliate Network offering this level of direct integration with Publisher Discovery. This integration not only allows merchants to view all affiliate information in the one place where merchants make a decision, but it also allows for more precise results since recommendations consider specific affiliate performance throughout the LinkConnector network. LinkConnector merchants can also recruit targeted affiliates directly from the integrated Publisher Discovery interface.

“This technology integration has far-reaching opportunities for LinkConnector merchants to find new affiliates and communicate with them for seamless recruitment into their program.”, said Ernie St. Gelais, LinkConnector’s Co-President and CTO. “Affiliate recruitment is a crucial task for merchants and agencies to diversify and scale their programs; LinkConnector is extremely excited to now have Publisher Discovery’s AI powering its affiliate recruitment tools.”

About LinkConnector:

LinkConnector, a leading Performance Marketing Network, sets itself apart with a focus on customer partnerships and constant innovation. Since 2004, LinkConnector has pushed the industry with the curation of cutting-edge tracking solutions and proprietary technologies giving its customers a strong advantage (e.g., Infinity Codes and Naked Coupon Technology). LinkConnector employs a zero-tolerance fraud policy, enabling valuable relationships between global online retailers and top affiliate influencers. LinkConnector continues to be recognized as a leading network on many industry lists such as the Vendor to the Internet Retailer Top 500, the mThink Blue Book and AffStat Report.

About Publisher Discovery:

About Publisher Discovery: London-based Publisher Discovery is a leading developer of Artificial Intelligence (AI) & Machine Learning technologies for the Affiliate Marketing industry. Headed by CEO Tom Bourne, CMO Chris Tradgett and CTO Rob Haswell; Publisher Discovery’s team has decades of combined experience in online advertising and affiliate marketing as well as the development of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning technologies. Publisher Discovery’s SaaS platform offers unique insight and analysis on affiliate programs in over 80 market verticals to help identify and engage with new affiliates. Using AI, they rank and match affiliates to a merchant’s specific needs in a clear and usable interface.

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