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Performance Marketing Association
Choots Humphries Council Chair, Industry Advancement Council
Ernie St. Gelais Member, Compliance Council
JEBCommerce Profitable Performance Marketing Podcast
Choots Humphries Season 1, Episode 2 Guest
Tara McCommons Season 1, Episode 17 Guest
PerformanceIN Top 50
Tara McCommons 2020 PerformanceIN Top 50 Industry Player
Speaking Engagements
Choots Humphries | Speaker | Affiliate Summit East 2019
Tara McCommons | Moderator | Affiliate Summit West 2019
Choots Humphries | Moderator | Affiliate Summit West 2019
Tara McCommons | Speaker | Affiliate Summit East 2018
Tara McCommons | Moderator | Affiliate Summit West 2018
Ernie St. Gelais | Speaker | Affiliate Summit East 2017
Choots Humphries | Keynote Panelist | AM Days 2017
Tara McCommons | Speaker | AM Days 2017
Tara McCommons | Co-Presenter | Affiliate Summit West 2017

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Naked Link Technology

Published Articles

by Choots Humphries
April 2, 2019
by Choots Humphries
FeedFront Magazine, July 2017
by Tara McCommons
FeedFront Magazine, April 2017
by Jennifer King
FeedFront Magazine, July 2016

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