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Bolster your relationships and results with our second-to-none technology platform. Build sustainable campaigns using our first-in-class technologies giving you everything from Adaptive Attribution to complete control over your coupon codes.
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We work only with ethical, dedicated affiliates. Since 2004, our priority has been on quality, not quantity. By working with only serious affiliates, merchants can focus on efficiently growing their campaigns versus screening out fraud.
We have close relationships with the industry’s most influential and talented affiliates. This translates to direct, transparent connections for our merchants to their most valuable and relevant relationships. We have teams dedicated to forging these partnerships daily for our merchants.
Amplify your content marketing—establish partnerships with strategic affiliate influencers to reach a larger audience, gain market share and accomplish customer acquisition goals. Strengthen your influencer campaigns with LC’s adaptable, proprietary technologies that address the challenges of influencer marketers with performance-based solutions.
Learn about tracking performance from your influencer marketing promotions.
  • Affiliate Quality, Not Quantity
  • Direct, Transparent Relationships
  • Dedicated Affiliate Relations Team


LinkConnector gives control of a merchant’s brand back to the merchant. It is unacceptable for this to be a concern of merchants when dealing with affiliate networks.
Merchants have the ability to approve individual affiliate websites, beyond simply approving on an account level. This means that merchants are able to protect where (on which landing pages) their brand is displayed.
LinkConnector’s Brand Control is available to Co-Managed and Premier merchant accounts and is powered by LC’s proprietary Source Checker technology; a component of the LC FraudFREE Protection Suite.
  • Know Where Your Brand Is Displayed
  • Approve Individual Affiliate Websites
  • Powered by LC’s Source Checker


LinkConnector goes well beyond providing merchants tools to find fraud. We search out and remove fraud proactively. This comes in opposition to standard industry practices—most other networks largely rely on the merchant to detect fraud.
When LC finds fraud, we remove the responsible affiliate on a network-wide level; taking action a step beyond simply removing from the program where the fraud was found.
LinkConnector has a zero tolerance fraud policy that is backed by our proprietary FraudFREE protection system. The Front Door Fraud Protection (FDFP) component of FraudFREE rejects over 60% of applicants on average that do not meet our meticulous screening processes.
Data pattern matching and verification of every traffic source are two of five intelligent technologies that comprise our FraudFREE protection suite.
  • ZERO Tolerance Fraud Policy
  • LC Removes Fraud Proactively
  • FraudFREE Rejects 60% of Applicants


LinkConnector recognizes that merchants provide coupon codes via various departmental segments. Many are not intended for the affiliate channel. These codes ultimately find their way into this channel, resulting in erosion of profit margins for merchants.
With our Blacklist/Whitelist Coupon Functionality, merchants can enforce the use of approved and prohibited coupon codes programmatically.
Blacklist Functionality minimizes the need for merchants to scan and screen coupon sites for unauthorized codes. Instead, Blacklisted coupons are directly communicated to affiliate partners (as part of the promotional feed) that these codes are not to be used; LC then automatically invalidates sales when an unauthorized coupon code is used by the customer. This removes the financial incentive for affiliates to display unauthorized codes while protecting a merchant’s margins.
With Whitelist Functionality, affiliate partners only receive credit for coupons made available to them by the merchant through LC.
Contact us to learn more about powerful ways LC Coupon Technologies can safeguard and advance your coupon relationships.
Learn about the power of partnering with Coupon Affiliates.
  • Credit Only for Approved Coupons
  • Protect Profit Margins
  • Auto-Invalidate Unauthorized Codes


Merchants can issue private, unique coupon codes to affiliate partners and attribute affiliate commissions based solely on each private code.
Credit is given only to the assigned affiliate for the particular coupon code used by the customer. Affiliates love this!
This attribution can occur as part of the normal Affiliate Marketing channel (Basic Coupon Code Attribution) or through other promotional channels where a click isn’t required (Naked Coupon Attribution). This allows for merchants to gain complete visibility into the value of the individual affiliate partners. It also eliminates affiliate concerns of coupon code hijacking.
Naked Coupon Attribution, where a click (or cookie) isn’t required for Coupon Code Attribution, opens affiliates up to a much broader range of promotional methods. This includes reaching an affiliate’s followers in social networks and the possibility of using offline promotional methods like print or broadcast advertising. Affiliates can also gain broader promotional reach within previously obstructed channels (such as Pinterest).
Contact us to learn more about powerful ways LC Coupon Technologies can safeguard and advance your coupon relationships.
Learn about the power of partnering with Coupon Affiliates.
  • Attribution Without a Click
  • Gain Insight into Incremental Value
  • Social and Offline Promotion Possible


Patent pending Infinity Codes represents the genesis of coupon code transformation for data driven affiliates. Imagine if affiliates could create coupon codes based upon real-time user circumstances in the purchase funnel? Or, instantly create coupon codes personalized to the user’s purchase habits, school, occupation or hobby?
Infinity Codes make possible the creation and immediate use of an infinite number of codes purposefully conceived by affiliates for LinkConnector merchants armed with this technology. Merchants no longer have to manually create coupon codes for their affiliates who will now have unprecedented optimization possibilities to influence conversions.
Merchants gain added value with their affiliate relationships enabling the data scientist affiliates to contribute to the merchant’s profit line through newfound, customized tactics. What would you do with an infinite number of coupon codes? Learn more.
  • Ingenious Optimization Possibilities
  • Customized Coupons Based on Realtime Situations
  • Data Driven CRM Approach


Merchants may customize how they attribute affiliate credit based upon their own unique needs. We start with an education process, ensuring merchants understand the benefits and consequences of various attribution models and how they pertain to each merchant’s individual campaigns.
From this point, merchants may optimize program performance by rewarding promotional methods they want encouraged. Merchants may incentivize particular affiliate segments or limit segments that should be reduced.
Our attribution technology empowers merchants to do almost anything imaginable when it comes to crediting.
  • Attribution to Match Campaign Goals
  • Incentivize Desired Affiliate Types
  • Almost Any Attribution Setup Possible


With LinkConnector’s patented Naked Link Technology (NLT), approved affiliate partners link directly to a merchant’s landing page absent any redirect through the network. By enabling affiliates to simply include the merchant’s storefront link (e.g. www.merchant.com), merchants gain SEO value from inbound affiliate links.
Affiliates benefit from a more editorial website. This is a preferred campaign option for content and blog sites that earn trust and traction through objectivity—NLT removes the need for long tracking links and potential coding errors.
NLT makes integration with affiliate influencers straightforward. NLT equips influencers with simple, clean links, making their referrals transparent. With NLT, merchants are empowered to build new, sustainable streams of customer acquisition and revenue.
How does Naked Link Technology work?
  • NLT Only Available at LinkConnector
  • Affiliates Link Directly to Merchant’s Site
  • Gain SEO Value from Inbound Affiliate Links


Shareable Offers converts merchant banner images into a shareable (via social media) creative. This technology gives affiliate website visitors the ability to dynamically share these offers from the affiliate sites onto social media networks such as Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.
Merchants control the permissions affiliates have to dynamically share their offers. Affiliates may customize the social network icons, such as Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest and their placement within the creative. This makes it easy for users to recognize and share the ads socially. Merchant offers and promotions then have the opportunity to go viral.
  • Sharable Creatives for Social Channels
  • Opportunity for Promotions to Go Viral
  • Promote Via Facebook, Pinterest & Other Social Platforms


LinkConnector’s Cross Platform Tracking enables certified Merchant Partners to track affiliate conversions across multiple devices and browsers. In this mobile, multi-device era, it is critical for merchants to identify and reward affiliate influence with potential customers using multiple devices throughout the various stages of their purchase journey.
LC’s collaborative solution facilitates the identification of a user as they interact with a Merchant Partner’s site from various devices (and browsers). As an example, LC can track an individual who clicked an affiliate link on their smartphone and then later completed the purchase on their desktop—properly attributing the transaction to the effective and influential affiliate.
This technology provides invaluable insight for merchants and affiliates to measure the effectiveness of promotional methods across various devices throughout the sales funnel.
  • Attribute Affiliate Conversions Across Multiple Devices
  • Track Multi-Device User Journey
  • Capture Greater Affiliate Revenue
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