LinkConnector Merchants Now Seamlessly Integrate with UpSellit’s Intelligent Customer Recovery Solutions

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LinkConnector Merchants Now Seamlessly Integrate with UpSellit’s Intelligent Customer Recovery Solutions

LinkConnector Integrates the UpSellit Advanced Customer Recovery Products Into Its Proprietary Universal Tracking System—Enabling Merchants to Increase Conversions and Maximize Profitability with Little Extra Effort.

Cary, NC — March 31, 2017 LinkConnector (LC) announced today that its partnership with UpSellit (USI), of nearly a decade, is expanding to bring LC merchants direct access to USI’s customer recovery products and solutions, including on-site conversion optimization and email remarketing strategies. Integration with USI products is simple for LC merchants, as USI is now fully integrated into the LC Universal Tracking System (UTS) and tag management system allowing LC merchants to use UpSellit’s suite of products to increase customer conversion on a performance basis. LC merchants now have direct access to the USI team for training, tailored messaging or data analytics and support as well.

“Merchants have multiple solutions and a team at their disposal to help deliver adaptable, custom messaging or capture essential information to help with their traffic recovery efforts,” said Jennifer King, Director of Merchant Relations at LinkConnector. “Merchants with an internal customer recovery solution in place may also benefit from testing with UpSellit as they have expert support for full optimization.”

Partnering with USI through LC is straightforward, as LC requires that the merchant pass only a single variable in the merchant’s UTS solution to enable UpSellit within the merchant’s shopping cart. This means efficiency—merchants do not need to make a separate request to their tech team.

“UpSellit is focused on educating merchants about their website and opportunities for increased conversions. Several LinkConnector merchants were able to utilize UpSellit’s products as soon as their campaign launched within LinkConnector—immediately taking advantage of USI behavioral conversion strategies and technologies,” said John Nardolilli, Director of Affiliate Relations at LinkConnector. “UpSellit is always quick to hop on a call with a merchant and to answer any questions and review product performance.”

LC expects to grow the number of its merchant partners onboarding with USI solutions as a result of this complete network integration—and having the USI team available for expert support helps fuel this growth. “We are thrilled to drive increased conversions and profitability for more LC merchants with this next phase of our partnership with LinkConnector. Complete network integration means LC merchants gain seamless access to USI technologies, removing barriers of entrance.” said Jeremy Aaronson, Vice President, Sales at UpSellit.

About UpSellit
UpSellit provides marketers with highly effective conversion optimization solutions that leverage website experience personalization and email remarketing technologies to deliver incremental lifts in revenue. UpSellit’s conversion experts perform a comprehensive site analysis that leverages data from billions of online shoppers in order to outline the most effective strategy for increased profit per visitor. Every campaign is a managed solution that increases conversions while perfectly aligning with the client’s brand and desired user experience.

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About LinkConnector
LinkConnector, a leading Performance Marketing Network, sets itself apart with a focus on customer partnerships and constant innovation. Since 2004, LC has pushed the industry with the curation of cutting edge tracking solutions and proprietary technologies giving its customers a strong advantage (e.g., Cross Platform Tracking and Naked Coupon Technology). LinkConnector employs a zero-tolerance fraud policy, enabling valuable relationships between global online retailers and top affiliate influencers. LC continues to be recognized as a leading network on many industry lists such as the 2016 Vendor to the Internet Retailer Top 500, the 2017 Blue Book and the 2016 AffStat Report.

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