Customer Testimonials

LinkConnector is dedicated to building lasting relationships. Take a look at what some of our customers have to say about us.
Contact Us LC Merchant Since 2008
“Working with LinkConnector is easy. Getting started only takes a few days and you start seeing returns quickly. Our account manager and the tech team are always an email or phone call away and provide the best support in the industry. As a merchant, you feel like you’re a part of their team; you don’t get lost in the shuffle. The network is full of active, quality publishers and they have some of the best technology available, like Naked Coupons for social influencers. If you’re looking to launch an affiliate program or want to revive your current one, I’d highly recommend LinkConnector.”

Honey LC Affiliate Since 2014
“LinkConnector’s hands-on attention has been a driver of growth for Honey’s LinkConnector merchant relationships. They educate merchants on the value gained through an affiliate partnership with Honey and the different ways in which we can scale to achieve mutual growth goals. LinkConnector proactively encourages and coordinates direct communication (and in-person meetings) with brands which has made an invaluable difference with our partnerships.” LC Merchant Since 2012
“LinkConnector’s collaborative dedication to growing our performance marketing results has been unprecedented. Their experienced, personable account management team has become an extension of our marketing family and a driving force in helping us achieve YoY growth through the innovative affiliate relationships they introduce and help to flourish.”
Trimax Media LC Affiliate Since 2006
“LinkConnector is a top of the line network solution for merchants and affiliates alike. LC provides unparalleled customer service via personal account reps that contact us weekly about new merchant opportunities that fit our business model. They are perpetually discussing and testing ingenious tracking solutions such as their “naked coupon technology”. Among other things, this technology helps affiliates boost conversion rates and track conversions through their different promotional methods with a private coupon code. LC also caters to special requests from clients whether it’s a custom reporting need or implementation of custom conversion codes. No matter what I ask for, LC always exceeds my expectations.”
GlobalGolf LC Merchant Since 2006
“LinkConnector is hands-down the best affiliate network! Since 2006, they have committed to aligning their goals with ours and have taken a hands-on approach to the growth of our business. Their team is focused on facilitating profitable partnerships between GlobalGolf and our affiliates.”
NextGen Shopping LLC LC Affiliate Since 2006
“If you are looking for an affiliate network that listens and acts on your feedback, LinkConnector is your network. Their personal attention to both big and small affiliates alike makes them stand above the rest in service.”
Surgent CPA Review LC Merchant Since 2015
“As we’ve grown our brand and added new product lines, LinkConnector has been a major factor in Surgent CPA Review’s success. From connecting us with high-quality publishers to their top-notch customer service, they’ve demonstrated time and time again to be an excellent affiliate network partner.”

BoardVitals LC Marchant Since 2022
“LinkConnector worked with BoardVitals diligently to create custom code needed to track the metrics for our very niche business that previously could not be included. LinkConnector’s technical solution also allows us to set the correct product commissionable amount, something we had to previously process manually every month.”
Check Into Cash LC Merchant Since 2012
“This is what we call a TRUE partnership! From our first meeting we were aligned in vision, plans, projects, and future goals. It’s hard to create such a transparent and synergetic collaboration as we have with LinkConnector.” LC Affiliate Since 2007
“The Team at LinkConnector is energetic, fun and communicative. They make things as easy as possible for affiliates by passing along great offers, allowing the utilization of TM+ bidding, and offering commission increases for placements. The ongoing communication helps maintain a solid relationship that has grown steadily over time. I definitely look forward to future goals with LinkConnector.”
TelTech Systems Inc. LC Merchant Since 2007
“LinkConnector has been a reliable source of high quality new leads to our program over the last 10 years. This has enabled us to grow profitability year after year with our program while sharing this success with our affiliate partners. LinkConnector’s Naked Link Technology has set them apart from other affiliate networks, while steadily improving our organic SEO, which we of course also love! NLT links are direct and are the most trustworthy-looking affiliate links out there!”
Vecteezy LC Affiliate Since 2008
“LinkConnector has provided exceptional customer support since I began working with them. They’ve developed specific tools to help me overcome technological challenges, provided help with tracking for conversions and helped develop tests that have increased my earnings. They continue to go over and above to help me be a successful affiliate. Above all, they have the best affiliate manager in the country!”
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