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Leverage affiliate expertise to achieve and exceed your campaign goals. LinkConnector’s platform provides a gateway for merchants to identify and engage strategic affiliate partners specialized in various promotional segments.
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  • Provides product, service, or brand comparisons
  • Merchant product feed is essential to success
"When I was introduced to LinkConnector I didn't know much about the company, and was certainly not expecting to earn over $3.3 million with them over the next four years, but that is exactly what happened. Every dollar I have earned with LC has been from promoting merchants that they brought to me (new revenue sources). Last year, when I set off to build a new business aggregating holiday deals, LC was the only network offering to assist me with everything from data integration to identifying the best merchants to work with. I am continually impressed by how far this company will go for its affiliates."
  • Passionate about educating, informing, or entertaining their audience
  • Usually highly targeted to a specific topic or vertical
"LinkConnector has provided exceptional customer support since I began working with them. They've developed specific tools to help me overcome technological challenges, provided help with tracking for conversions and helped develop tests that have increased my earnings. They continue to go over and above to help me be a successful affiliate. Above all, they have the best affiliate manager in the country!"
– Vecteezy
  • Empowers shoppers with discounts and promotional coupon codes
  • Highly trafficked by shoppers ready to make a purchase
  • Reliable source for new customer acquisition
  • Learn about LC’s Coupon Compliance capabilities and how these technologies can protect your profit margins and enable your success through this partner type.
"Linkconnector has been a pleasure to work with. They have a knowledgeable account team that is in tune with the business and able to bring new ideas and insightful suggestions on how we best partner with their vast network of advertisers. They provide us with the tools and technology to let us run our business easily and effectively."
  • Incentivizes shoppers with cash back or other rewards
  • Highly trafficked by shoppers loyal to the cash back model
  • Proven source of new customer acquisition
"LinkConnector is fabulous! It is so hard to get a response from some companies, and you guys have been great!"
– PointClick, LLC
  • Skilled in generating Search Engine Marketing (SEM) traffic
  • Outstanding for capturing ‘buying’ customers
  • Increases merchant shelf space within search engines
"We have worked with LinkConnector for several years. Their team is both knowledgeable and responsive. They have great merchant partners and the team is a pleasure to work with. Truly a class act in the Performance Marketing Industry."
– imwave
  • Deployment of graphical or textual ads amongst relevant content sites
  • Increases brand recognition for merchant partners
  • Email offers are sent to affiliate-owned, double opt-in distribution lists
  • Ability to segment promotions to target relevant demographics
  • Email creative important to success
  • Many affiliate types engage on social platforms to add relationship value and increase brand awareness
  • Technologies, such as LC’s Naked Coupons, can make social promotion more successful
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