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LinkConnector Joins Forces with PRWeb™ and Bolsters Performance

Using LinkConnector's new and unique affiliate marketing techniques, PRWeb will promote its leading press release distribution services.

Cary, NC (PRWEB) — March 8, 2006 — LinkConnector (, an Affiliate Marketing Network, announced today its co-marketing efforts with PRWeb™ to promote the Online Visibility Company's well-recognized distribution services using new and unique affiliate marketing techniques. LinkConnector teamed with PRWeb™ to create a unique affiliate campaign featuring dynamic banner ads. These advanced new creatives continuously display and refresh the latest news headlines in a clickable format. LinkConnector worked to create this custom solution for PRWeb to meet their affiliate marketing needs and to help grow PRWeb’s online business. LinkConnector recognizes the value of merchants, such as PRWeb™, and is dedicated to providing greater valued solutions than what is currently found in the industry.

The new PRWeb campaign features unconventional banner ads that dynamically load fresh press release headlines, clickable to the PRWeb site. The banner ads are a key ingredient in the new PRWeb affiliate campaign with LinkConnector. The ads are upgraded with live RSS feeds generated several times a day. This works to keep the content on an affiliate’s site fresh and topical. The new banners make ideal advertising tools in that fresh news headlines are an interesting addition to a variety of different types and styles of websites. With the ability to profit from click-throughs on the news headlines, the new PRWeb campaign makes sense for many affiliate sites. This fresh technical and advertising approach to affiliate marketing should prove valuable not only in promoting the PRWeb business, but also in taking strides forward in affiliate marketing.

“By providing incentives for top performance, LinkConnector encourages all its merchants and affiliates to create strong relationships within the LinkConnector Network to grow their business,” said Choots Humphries, LinkConnector President. “Our campaign with PRWeb is an excellent illustration of how we strive to work with industry leaders to achieve superior results. We are dedicated to the creation of high quality tools and services, unique to affiliate marketing, that will grow this industry.”

PRWeb™ also launched a Naked Link® campaign to promote its PRWeb™ Direct service bureau. Having a Naked Link campaign allows the online news portal to benefit from all its inbound link traffic generated from its LinkConnector affiliate campaign, while bolstering online sales and traffic using LinkConnector’s advanced online tracking and reporting tools. Enabled with LinkConnector’s new proprietary technology to advance both their search engine optimization efforts and their online sales and traffic, PRWeb’s affiliate campaign is set to establish new goals in affiliate marketing.

“Choosing LinkConnector made sense for us given their hands-on approach and high level of personalized service,” commented Mick Jolly, Executive VP of PRWeb. “Having a custom solution built at minimal cost gives us a cutting edge in our fast-paced industry.”

LinkConnector is an Affiliate Marketing Network, helping merchants and affiliates increase online sales. LinkConnector is redefining affiliate marketing with its ground-breaking technologies like Naked Link Technology®, Affiliate Connections™, Pending Sale functionality, FraudFREE™ protection and Virtual Affiliate™ tracking.

  • Naked Link Technology gives merchants a way to boost their organic rankings while they promote their site on LinkConnector’s Network. And, because promotional links are ‘naked’, Naked Link Technology gives affiliates a way to promote their affiliate programs transparently, making their websites seem more editorial in nature. It also works to defeat cookie hijacking so affiliates receive proper credit for all their traffic.
  • Affiliate Connections™ provides affiliates with a quick and dynamic system to determine optimal promotions for their sites and helps match merchants to better performing affiliates.
  • LinkConnector’s Pending Sale functionality opens up pay-per-sale campaigns to any merchant who begins their sale process online.
  • Source Checker™, one of LinkConnector’s FraudFREE™ protection technologies, removes the cookie hijacking incentive for affiliates. It also gives merchants control to approve affiliates based on a recorded referrer coming from a valid website.
  • Virtual Affiliate™ tracking allows merchants to track, in real time, virtual affiliates such as organic search engines.
Equipped with LinkConnector’s new technologies, merchants and affiliates can take their affiliate marketing efforts to new levels of success. Affiliates can join for free and gain access to hundreds of merchant campaigns. Visit For a limited time, merchant set up fees are waived. To join for free, visit

About PRWeb International, Inc.
PRWeb, The Online Visibility Company™, is recognized as the Internet’s leading online news and press release distribution service worldwide. Since 1997, PRWeb has been changing the way businesses, marketing departments and public relations firms think about press releases. Once a tool used exclusively for communicating with the media, PRWeb was the first company to develop a distribution strategy around direct-to-consumer communication. PRWeb was the first company to build and offer a search engine optimized platform for press release distribution. Additional search engine focused PRWeb technologies include PRWeb Photowire , a free image service for print-ready images and content; RSSPad , a free RSS syndication engine; PRWeb Podcast , a podcasting service for PRWeb users; and 301URL , a search engine friendly custom link generator. All of these services enhance PRWeb customers' press release content experience. For more information, visit PRWeb’s site at

PR Contacts:
LinkConnector Corporation
Jackie Lane Bates

Phone: 919.468.5150
Mick Jolly
Phone: 360.312.0892

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