LinkConnector Breaks New Ground with NLT Plus, Taking its Patent-Pending Naked Link Technology® to a New Level

LinkConnector Breaks New Ground with NLT Plus, Taking its Patent-Pending Naked Link Technology® to a New Level

LinkConnector makes significant enhancements to its popular, patent-pending Naked Link Technology, enabling merchants and affiliates to further benefit from this unique tracking method.

CARY, NC — November 11, 2009 — LinkConnector (, a leading Affiliate Marketing Network with progressive solutions for merchants and affiliates, announced today that it has made significant enhancements to its patent-pending Naked Link Technology, affecting the performance, tracking, and reporting of all Naked Link Campaigns. Naked Link Technology (NLT), which launched in 2004, changed the landscape of the Affiliate Marketing industry by offering merchants and affiliates a new, transparent way to run an affiliate program and receive search engine optimization (SEO) benefits while doing so. Now, with NLT Plus, LinkConnector offers its customers substantial improvements upon a proven technology.

The first key advancement of NLT Plus is a performance boost for the merchant. NLT Plus uses extensive caching to achieve a tenfold increase in performance. Two other key benefits of NLT Plus are enhancements to the tracking and reporting of Naked Link Campaigns. NLT tracks using information provided by the browser. Previously, the information made available by the browser allowed for roughly 93% of the traffic to be tracked. NLT Plus increases the rate of recorded traffic by 2-3%. By utilizing technology advances, NLT Plus is able to identify and record a higher and more accurate rate of valid affiliate partners. NLT Plus is also able to track and therefore report on more information including the type of promotional link an affiliate used, as well as affiliate-specific tracking information appended to promotional creatives. This additional information is passed to both the merchant and affiliate allowing these partners to better optimize their campaigns accordingly.

Importantly, the catalyst for each of these NLT advancements came in the form of customer feedback. “When our customers talk, we listen. And, in the case of Naked Link Technology, there have been several pieces of consistent feedback we have received from our customers. We have acted on these and taken NLT to the next level,” said Ernie St. Gelais, Chief Technology Officer for LinkConnector. “NLT continues to be widely recognized as a unique, industry-defining tracking method for merchants and affiliates to use in LinkConnector. We believe that with our latest round of enhancements, our customers’ campaigns will run more quickly and efficiently, and our customers will benefit from enhanced tracking and reporting.” St. Gelais also notes that the recent improvements were not implemented at the expense of any existing NLT benefits. “We maintained the integrity of the original benefits for which NLT was created-NLT Plus is a win-win for all parties,” St. Gelais expounds.

LinkConnector pioneered NLT to give merchants and affiliates a new choice of tracking in affiliate marketing. Prior to NLT, merchants and affiliates were limited to standard linking campaigns; NLT provides them with an alternative, direct linking method. NLT does not, however, replace standard linking programs in LinkConnector. In fact, 99% of LinkConnector merchants also run standard linking programs to provide a choice of tracking methods to their affiliates. Affiliates benefit from NLT with better page quality scores in Google which improves their ad scores in AdWords as well as their page rank in organic optimization. To learn more about NLT, visit the LinkConnector website:

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