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Naked Link Technology Merchant Benefits
  • Transparently run your affiliate program.
  • Complement your search engine optimization efforts.
  • Eliminate affiliate coding errors.
  • Integrate seamlessly with Virtual Affiliate™ tracking.
  • Increase traffic to your site and your online sales.

Naked Link Technology Affiliate Benefits
  • Make your websites appear more editorial in nature.
  • Promote your affiliate programs transparently.
  • Eliminate coding errors.
  • Gain some protection against cookie hijacking.
  • Enhance page value and potentially lower SEM costs.
  • Gain an alternative to LinkConnector's standard linking campaigns.
Naked Link Technology, pioneered by LinkConnector, gives merchants and affiliates a new choice in Affiliate Marketing. While LinkConnector provides standard linking campaigns, it also provides its customers with the ability to run an affiliate program transparently. This is done through a Naked Link campaign, which allows LinkConnector Affiliates to link directly to the merchant's site without any arguments or parameters. Merchants and affiliates gain many advantages by running a Naked Link campaign. One benefit is that this allows a merchant to complement their search engine optimization efforts while they promote their site on LinkConnector's Network. Naked Link Technology also benefits affiliates by making affiliate websites more editorial in nature for both users and search engines. This improves their standing as an authority site.

Naked Link Campaign vs. Standard Link Campaign

Naked Link Technology offers merchants and affiliates the ability to transparently run an affiliate program. A Naked Link (e.g., is a hyperlink devoid of any arguments or parameters.

One problem of standard affiliate programs is that affiliates link to the Affiliate Network, not the merchant's site. With too many affiliate links on a site, industry experts suggest that a page (and the pages they link to) may not be valued by organic search engines to the same degree it would otherwise. Naked Link Technology overcomes this limitation by allowing affiliates to link directly to the merchant's site without any arguments or parameters. In a Naked Link Campaign, the affiliate links directly to the merchant with a Naked Link. Code on the merchant's site checks with LinkConnector to determine the affiliate status and then begins the tracking process. The rest of the affiliate marketing process is the same.

While Naked Link Campaigns provide unique and powerful benefits, there are also downsides to solely running this type of campaign. Naked Link Campaigns may not be promoted directly from paid search engine listings or in email campaigns. Also, some affiliates are not comfortable using this new-to-the-market technology. In order to maximize traffic and sales, and to establish maximum well-matched affiliate partnerships, merchants interested in running a Naked Link Campaign usually run a Standard Campaign in LinkConnector at the same time.

Merchant Benefits

LinkConnector's patent pending Naked Link Technology, offers merchants the ability to run an affiliate program transparently, complementing their search engine optimization efforts.

A Naked Link campaign also eliminates affiliate coding errors since the link to the merchant no longer depends on the affiliate copying the proper code into the query string. Naked Link Technology can also help a merchant boost their sales with a transparent affiliate program.

Online consumers generally respond better to perceived editorial content on the web. With Naked Links, an affiliate's content appears more editorial in nature since the links to the merchant's site are devoid of arguments and parameters.

Affiliate Benefits

Naked Link Technology offers significant benefits to the affiliate. With direct, query-free outbound links, a Naked Link campaign allows an affiliate website to appear more editorial in nature to users and search engines. This improves their standing as an authority site and increases conversion rates. With an enhanced page value, affiliates may also potentially lower their SEM costs.

Additionally, a Naked Link campaign provides some cookie hijacking protection for affiliates. Cookie hijacking has become a big concern in the Affiliate Marketing industry. Many affiliates are having their commissions stolen when spyware running on a user's machine alters the query string in a standard campaign that runs on any Affiliate Network. When merchants run a Naked Link campaign, the cookie assignment code sits on the merchant's site and is based on the affiliate's URL, not their hyperlink to the merchant. This ensures that affiliates receive proper credit for their traffic whether their promotional page has been altered by spyware or not.

Both of the following two campaign types are available in LinkConnector: