LinkConnector Widgets

Welcome to LinkConnector Widgets!

LinkConnector Widgets allow affiliates to easily convert merchant product feeds into banners that match the look and feel of their website(s). Through our easy to use widget builder interface affiliates can quickly create one or more widgets and then grab the code snippet to insert directly into their site's HTML.

Getting Started is Easy

 New LinkConnector Affiliates
  1. To get started click here to fill out the LinkConnector Affiliate Application
  2. Login to the Affiliate Manager Interface
  3. Browse and apply to merchant campaigns with product feeds.
  4. Once you are approved for one or more merchant product feeds you are ready to start widget building.
 Existing LinkConnector Affiliates
  1. Login to the Affiliate Manager Interface
  2. Click on the Create a Widget link in the top menu of the Affiliate Manager Interface to start building.
  3. After you create a widget, simply grab the code snippet and place it in your site's HTML... and that's it! You are done!
What is a Widget?

Widgets are defined as portable code snippets that can be easily installed and executed on web pages without requiring additional compilation.

Widget Features

Some main features of LinkConnector Widgets include custom coloring and sizing, keyword limiting, and user-defined search. Furthermore, you may select specific merchant product feeds to limit products displayed in the widget. For advanced users, we give the ability to pass override variables directly to the widget so you are not forced to create hundreds of widgets for your dynamic and larger sites; you can simply send the proper variables (color, size, keywords, etc.) when calling each widget.