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LinkConnector Key Benefits

Since 2004, LinkConnector has been re-thinking the affiliate marketing space and constructing more inventive and effective solutions to today's online marketing obstacles. In fact, the company was built from the ground floor up for this purpose—to address the many limitations and problems (like fraud) the industry faced and failed to overcome. Today, LinkConnector exists as a prevailing affiliate marketing network sought out by Internet Retailer Top 500 merchants, top industry brands, leading affiliates and merchants across all verticals.

As part of the LinkConnector Network, you will experience many unique and powerful advantages not available in other affiliate marketing networks.

Established Network with Proven Results
With a strong emphasis on network integrity and accelerating results, LinkConnector has enabled its merchants to maximize their invested efforts through the affiliate marketing channel for thousands of merchant campaigns.
  • Access to high quality affiliates offering a wide-range of promotional methods.
  • Support from an expert Merchant Relations team with customizable program management options.
  • Gateway to a state of the art technology platform.
  • Extensive reporting tools with real-time, reliable tracking.
  • Industry-leading merchant brands across various verticals.
Quality Affiliate Access
The LC Network has established relationships with tens of thousands of high quality affiliates across multiple promotional channels:
  • Coupon
  • Loyalty
  • Search (Paid and Organic)
  • Social
  • Display
  • Content
  • Pay Per Call
  • Comparison
  • Email
LinkConnector is in daily contact with our top-performing and high potential affiliates. We work hard to help affiliates identify and optimize their most effective strategies creating a high opportunity, high results environment for both our merchants and affiliates. These open communication channels enable deeper collaboration between LinkConnector merchants and affiliates allowing for a more strategically sustainable business relationship.

LinkConnector's robust Fraud Free Protection system ensures only high quality affiliates are available to our merchants. And, LinkConnector's unique Affiliate Ranking system identifies and displays a ranking value for each affiliate in the network based on evaluation criteria that you customize according to your priorities.

Multiple Management Solution Options
You can choose to have the LC Merchant Relations team manage every aspect of your affiliate marketing program, or you can choose à la carte program management options that tie into your in-house or Outsourced Program Manager (OPM) efforts. LinkConnector offers three basic program management solutions:
  • Self-Managed: Our base merchant package designed for merchants with an in-house Affiliate Manager or OPM available to manage their LinkConnector campaigns.
  • Co-Managed: More complete package of exclusive technologies, support and program management services. This account has access to a dedicated LinkConnector Account Manager.
  • Premier: A fully managed solution available by invitation only.
LinkConnector also offers a wide range of campaign management options that can add as much or as little as needed (if not included with an account type) to optimize and maximize your affiliate marketing efforts. For example, LinkConnector has a Creative Services division offering fresh and effective banner creation for merchants. The LC Creative Services team gets powerful creatives in the hands of affiliates to boost sales and increase click through and conversion rates.

Exclusive Tools and Technologies
LinkConnector offers a full suite of powerful, easy-to-use, tools and technologies. Many of LinkConnector's exclusive technologies bring a fresh approach to affiliate marketing, enabling merchants and affiliates to gain more mileage from their affiliate marketing efforts.
  • State-of-the-art FraudFREE™ Protection
  • Brand control with Source Checker™
  • Naked Link Technology® (NLT), an alternative linking method that uses direct linking thereby enhancing SEO efforts. NLT, exclusive to LC, comes in addition to standard linking (found in typical affiliate networks) for merchants and affiliates.
  • Pending Sale Functionality to enable merchants with post-sale requirements to use a Pay Per Sale campaign.
  • Advanced Event options, including Pay Per Call and Pay Per Go, that come in addition to other industry standard events—Pay Per Sale, Pay Per Lead, and Pay Per Click.
  • Eighteen advanced, hourly-updated merchant reports, including Affiliate Performance, Campaign Performance, Link Performance, and Link Type Performance. LinkConnector also provides access to a Reporting API for advanced reporting needs.
  • Custom 'Fast Pass' affiliate signup links enabling fast approval for trusted affiliate partners.
  • Sophisticated FraudFREE and Standard Graphs to map traffic patterns and analyze affiliate activity.
  • Pairing with better performing affiliates with Affiliate Connections™.
  • Sophisticated WYSIWYG email functionality to easily communicate with specific affiliates.
  • Co-registration and co-promotion framework for additional exposure.

Technological Differences

LinkConnector is an affiliate marketing network that has developed out-of-the-box technologies, brand new to the industry, while still maintaining its position as a leading network providing all of the standard technological benefits found in most other affiliate marketing networks. Click here to learn about our technological differences and how our network is changing the way merchants and affiliates view affiliate marketing.

Philosophical Differences

LinkConnector has a new and different approach to affiliate marketing. Our unique philosophies have established the solid foundation of our network and help to explain how LinkConnector's exclusive technologies came to fruition. Click here to learn about our unique approach to affiliate marketing.