LinkConnector Corporation
Merchant Campaign Information LinkConnector
Campaign Type: Standard 
Start Date: Sep 22, 2004
End Date: Sep 1, 2017
Status: Active

Help companies, individuals, and webmasters find ways to market their online businesses and increase profits. At the same time help webmasters maximize their site's earning potential. Receive $2.00 commission for all referrals who sign up to be an Affiliate. This campaign provides links to co-branded Affiliate sign-up for specific Merchants. Increase your sign up rate by offering links to specific Merchant campaigns.

Campaign Terms and Conditions
The referred Merchant must make the minimum initial deposit for commission to be made to the referring Affiliate. Referred Affiliates must join a campaign within the first 14 days for commission to be made to the referrering Affiliate. We do not allow use of our banners or links in pop-ups. You cannot change any link text without receiving prior approval. You cannot place any of our links or banners on a site which is not your main listed site at time of application without prior approval.

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Events for Merchant Campaign Sign Up
Event Commission Criteria Commission Cookie Duration (Days)
Lead A user must sign up to become an Affiliate $2.00 45

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