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Why Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is an excellent way for affiliates to earn money with minimal start up costs. It gives website owners the opportunity to generate revenue by placing merchant promotions on their websites, in their email campaigns, on their blogs, or in search engine listings. By joining an affiliate marketing network, affiliates gain access to a variety of merchant campaigns, each with a unique product or service they are selling. Affiliates benefit by not having to worry about inventory, order processing, product shipping, or customer support. The merchant will pay the affiliate a commission for every qualified action they generate (such as a sale). The affiliate's primary job is to leverage their website traffic and online marketing expertise to drive traffic, sales, etc. to the merchant site, benefiting both parties.

LinkConnector's Affiliate Solutions

Affiliate networks provide numerous benefits to the affiliate, including access to a wide variety of merchant offers and product types. Not all affiliate networks are equal, though, or offer similar technologies, benefits and customer support. Learn how the LinkConnector Network is different from other affiliate networks, and learn how LinkConnector may be just what you need to easily launch a new affiliate program or take your existing program to the next level. Why choose LinkConnector?


Learn more about becoming a LinkConnector Affiliate by reviewing our Frequently Asked Questions.

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