Over 20,000 Affiliates Have Joined LinkConnector, and the Network Expects This Number to Grow by 25% Within One Year

Over 20,000 Affiliates Have Joined LinkConnector, and the Network Expects This Number to Grow by 25% Within One Year

LinkConnector Has Attracted Tens of Thousands of Affiliates Into Its Affiliate Marketing Network While Continuing to Maintain its Unwavering Focus on Network Quality

CARY, NC — June 28, 2011 — LinkConnector, (http://www.linkconnector.com/), a leading Affiliate Marketing Network with progressive solutions for affiliates and merchants, announced today that it exceeded the milestone of 20,000 active affiliates in its network earlier this year and expects this number to grow by 25% within one year. The growth rate of the network has been tempered since its launch in late 2004 by LinkConnector’s long-standing fight against fraud. With the Front Door Fraud Protection component of LinkConnector’s FraudFREE™ system, close to 60% of all affiliate applicants are prevented from ever joining the network. This ensures the integrity of LinkConnector’s affiliate base and cements the network’s standing as one of the highest quality Affiliate Marketing Networks available to merchants while also making itself available as one of the largest in the industry.

One factor driving strong affiliate growth in the LinkConnector Network is its premium merchant list, including dozens of exclusive merchants and those with the highest paying offers. Affiliates are able to establish long-term, sustainable relationships with globally recognized brands and Internet Retailer Top 500 merchants. Affiliates also have access to a dedicated Affiliate Relations department, giving them in-depth support in areas such as solidifying increased payouts, obtaining SEM exclusivity and acquiring vanity coupon codes from merchants. Affiliates desiring to integrate Affiliate Marketing into their website applications have access to affiliate-focused technologies, such as a Product Feed Search API, a Coupon/Promo Feed, a reporting API and a real-time stats console.

“We are honored to be the network of choice for many affiliates, and expect to maintain our position as a top-tier network, steadily growing into the future” said Tara McCommons, Director of Sales for LinkConnector. “While it is exciting for us to be able to provide a powerhouse of affiliates for our merchants to partner with, what matters the most to us is being able to affirm the integrity behind each of those affiliate accounts.”

LinkConnector has a zero tolerance fraud policy that is backed by its FraudFREE protection system. This is a sophisticated fraud detection and elimination system that employs technologies including click validation, Source Checker™, data pattern matching, and Front Door Fraud Protection (FDFP). Currently, the FDFP component of FraudFREE rejects nearly 60% of applicants deemed too risky. “We place critical importance on network quality, and we believe it shows,” said Ernie St. Gelais, Chief Technology Officer for LinkConnector. “When an affiliate joins our network, they are not one among the masses, but rather each affiliate is a priority of ours and is enabled for success. Our merchants recognize and benefit from this, creating an overall more productive environment in which to conduct business.”

About LinkConnector
LinkConnector, an Affiliate Marketing Network (http://www.linkconnector.com/) headquartered in Cary, NC, provides progressive solutions for merchants and affiliates, enabling them to increase online revenue and drive results. Since its inception in 2004, the company has continuously introduced new technologies to the industry, such as the Affiliate Widget Builder, advanced FraudFREE™ Protection System, Pending Sale functionality, patent-pending Naked Link Technology®, and Affiliate Connections™ optimizing technology to better meet affiliate and merchant expectations in a rapidly evolving industry. LinkConnector maintains a strong emphasis on network quality and stands by its zero tolerance fraud policy. Complementing its technological advances and innovative approach to Affiliate Marketing, LinkConnector also offers proven traditional affiliate marketing tools and approaches, such as standard linking campaigns. Combined with superior customer service, LinkConnector provides its merchants and affiliates a measurable edge in the market.

LinkConnector is operating as the fastest growing Affiliate Marketing Network—especially among Internet Retailer Top 500 companies.

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