Exclusive Offers, Great Coupons and Coupon Codes from LinkConnector and Offers.com

Exclusive Offers, Great Coupons and Coupon Codes from LinkConnector and Offers.com

Consumers Can Find “Only Here” Savings Offers Ranging From Auto Parts to Eye Glasses

CARY, NC — August 10, 2009 — Consumers who want to save money have a new resource available. LinkConnector (http://www.linkconnector.com/), a leading Affiliate Marketing Network with progressive solutions for merchants and affiliates, has partnered with Offers.com (http://www.offers.com/), the Web’s first personal offers manager, to bring consumers money-saving exclusive offers, coupons and hot deals.

Offers.com provides consumers the best online offers through an easy-to-use, well designed and continually updated site. Starting today, Offers.com will roll out exclusive offers from LinkConnector Merchants (http://www.linkconnector.com/featuredmerchants.htm), including offers from Internet Retailer Top 500 Merchants U.S. Auto Parts and Gander Mountain, as well as LinkConnector’s Best-Offer Merchant, BestBuyEyeglasses. Some of those money-saving exclusive offers are now available on Offers.com Back-to-School Savings Center (http://www.Offers.com/lists/back-to-school/).

The partnership will make it easier for consumers to find and use limited-time offers at Offers.com. Through access to LinkConnector’s exclusive tools, technologies and expertise, such as LinkConnector’s new Promotion Tools that enable affiliates to programmatically display merchant promotions to users, Offers.com is well positioned to continuously roll out hot deals from LinkConnector Merchants.

“LinkConnector’s Affiliate Relations and Sales team have taken the time to really understand our business needs from the onset,” said Howard Schaffer, Director of Marketing for Offers.com. “Offers.com provides consumers with the best online offers and this relationship is going to bring them extremely high-quality, exclusive merchant coupon offers to help them save money.”

These advancements, combined with the benefits of a LinkConnector partnership, places the services and retail offer manager site in a strong position for success within the LinkConnector Network.”The addition of Offers.com to the LinkConnector Network brings another highly touted affiliate partner revolutionizing the coupons and promotions segment,” said Tara McCommons, Director of Sales for LinkConnector. “We are excited to have multiple LinkConnector Merchants, including back-to-school retailers, BookCloseouts.com and Databazaar.com provide Offers.com with exclusive coupons as students gear up for shopping beginning this month.”

About Offers.com
Offers.com (http://www.offers.com/), named the 2009 Innovative Publisher by LinkShare, is the place where consumers find and manage all the best offers from over 1,000 stores and partners. Offers are organized by travel, services and retail stores in over 150 categories, and by type of offer — including promos, coupon codes, clearance and free offers. Consumers easily search, browse, compare and review offers to find the best for their needs. Offers are verified, reviewed ranked and updated daily by the Offers.com editorial team. Users can save offers and stores to their My Offers Locker™ and get Alerts when new offers change or are added. Users of the Offers.com Firefox Add-on are notified when there is a valid offer for stores they are visiting online. Offers.com is created and published by Vertive, Inc., an award-winning performance marketing company located in Austin, Texas. Offers.com is a Charter Corporate Member of the Performance Marketing Alliance.

About LinkConnector
LinkConnector, an Affiliate Marketing Network (http://www.linkconnector.com/) headquartered in Cary, NC, provides progressive solutions for merchants and affiliates, enabling them to increase online revenue and drive results. Since its inception in 2004, the company has continuously introduced new technologies to the industry, such as the Affiliate Widget Builder, advanced FraudFREE™ Protection System, Pending Sale functionality, patent-pending Naked Link Technology®, and Affiliate Connections™ optimizing technology to better meet affiliate and merchant expectations in a rapidly evolving industry. LinkConnector maintains a strong emphasis on network quality and stands by its zero tolerance fraud policy. Complementing its technological advances and innovative approach to Affiliate Marketing, LinkConnector also offers proven traditional affiliate marketing tools and approaches, such as standard linking campaigns. Combined with superior customer service, LinkConnector provides its merchants and affiliates a measurable edge in the market.

LinkConnector is operating as the fastest growing Affiliate Marketing Network—especially among Internet Retailer Top 500 companies.

Join free or learn more at www.linkconnector.com (http://www.linkconnector.com/).

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