LinkConnector Partners with thinkingVOICE and Raises the Bar with Pay Per Call

LinkConnector Partners with thinkingVOICE and Raises the Bar with Pay Per Call

CARY, NC — September 12, 2006 — LinkConnector (, an Affiliate Marketing Network, announced today that it has partnered with thinkingVOICE to launch a new pay-for-performance event, Pay Per Call. ThinkingVOICE is a highly flexible, hosted communication service that enhances the customer experience with its click to call and call tracking solutions.. The new Pay Per Call event enables merchants to reward their affiliates on a per call basis each time a user, which arrived from an affiliate site, places a call to a merchant. If the merchant does not answer the call, the user’s information can be forwarded via email to the merchant. The Pay Per Call event gives affiliates more ways to earn revenue, and it opens up affiliate marketing to more merchants. By driving leads from the web to the phone, merchants are better able to close sales and assist customers.

“Merchants and affiliates both strongly value phone leads as they provide an improved conversion rate,” said Choots Humphries, LinkConnector Co-President. “By partnering with thinkingVOICE and offering Pay Per Call events, merchants have the opportunity to engage their customers, one on one, and discuss their individual circumstances. Conversion rates increase when customers move from online to on the phone.”

The Pay Per Call event provides a win-win situation for both merchants and affiliates. Many merchants’ products and services have a more involved sales cycle, and the Pay Per Call event addresses this issue. Often, merchants with a longer sales process, such as merchants in the travel industry, need to connect with their customers over the phone to discuss their products or services more thoroughly before a sale is consummated. The merchant in these scenarios is able to close the deal much more effectively over the phone. By enabling merchants to reward their affiliates on a per call basis, affiliate marketing is opened up to more merchants. The Pay Per Call event also benefits affiliates by providing them with more ways to earn revenue. In fact, with the new Pay Per Call event, affiliates are rewarded for all initiated phone calls, regardless of whether the caller was able to connect with the merchant live.

“We are excited to partner with the LinkConnector Affiliate Community to provide their merchants and affiliates with the most advanced Pay Per Call technology to date,” said Sean Wani, President, thinkingVOICE. “It is clear that on-the-phone interaction with the potential customer better equips companies to close sales, and we anticipate that LinkConnector customers will succeed with this advanced new Pay Per Call technology.”

The Pay Per Call event comes in addition to standard Pay Per Click, Pay Per Lead and Pay Per Sale events. LinkConnector has introduced many popular technologies to the affiliate marketing industry, including Naked Link Technology®, Affiliate Connections™, and Advanced Events, such as Pay Per Call and Pay Per Go. The LinkConnector Affiliate Marketing Network is dedicated to giving merchants and affiliates more options in affiliate marketing, putting them back in control. It is LinkConnector’s goal to make affiliate marketing more efficient and rewarding to more merchants and affiliates.

LinkConnector is an Affiliate Marketing Network, helping merchants and affiliates increase online sales. LinkConnector is redefining affiliate marketing with its ground-breaking technologies like Naked Link Technology, Affiliate Connections, FraudFREE protection, Pending Sale functionality, and Virtual Affiliate tracking.

  • Naked Link Technology gives merchants an alternative to standard linking campaigns and complements their search engine optimization efforts while they promote their site on LinkConnector’s Network. And, because promotional links are ‘naked’, Naked Link Technology benefits affiliates by allowing affiliate websites to seem more editorial in nature to users and search engines, thereby improving their standing as an authority site and enhancing conversion rates.
  • Affiliate Connections provides affiliates with a quick and dynamic system to determine optimal promotions for their sites and helps match merchants to better performing affiliates.
  • LinkConnector has a zero tolerance fraud policy that is backed by our FraudFREE protection system. This system employs advanced technologies to find and eradicate dishonest merchants and affiliates permanently from the LinkConnector Network.
  • LinkConnector’s Pending Sale functionality opens up pay-per-sale campaigns to any merchant who begins their sale process online.
  • Virtual Affiliate™ tracking allows merchants to track, in real time, virtual affiliates such as organic search engines.

Equipped with LinkConnector’s new technologies, merchants and affiliates can take their affiliate marketing efforts to new levels of success. Affiliates can join for free and gain access to hundreds of merchant campaigns. Visit For a limited time, merchant set up fees are waived. To join for free, visit

About thinkingVOICE
ThinkingVOICE is a highly flexible, hosted communication service that enhances the customer experience and increases revenue at commerce sites, auction listings, and more while providing a powerful conversion tool for any company’s direct marketing and online advertising. Its click to call CallActivator application provides live voice call back on demand. It works with:

  • Auction Listings
  • Classified ads and Directories
  • Email signature files
  • eCommerce Marketplaces
  • Online Advertising
  • Outdoor and On-Air Advertising
  • Websites
  • Social networking sites

Its Call Tracking application provides pay-per-call networks with an advanced, flexible monitoring service for tracking and verifying the delivery of call leads.

ThinkingVOICE, headquartered in Mountain View, CA, is a privately held corporation backed by Mark Cuban, the owner of the Dallas Mavericks and co-founder and president of HD Net. Its management team garnered their experience from leading industry companies such as Inktomi, Apple, Intuit and WebEx. For more information about partnering with thinkingVOICE, or to try its services for free, go to:

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