LinkConnector Launches Innovative Technology and Redefines Affiliate Marketing

Get Connected! Uncover Your Traffic with LinkConnector’s New Virtual Affiliate™ Tracking

CARY, NC — July 29, 2004 — LinkConnector (, a performance-based affiliate network, today announced new technology into the search market, Virtual Affiliate™ tracking. Virtual Affiliate™ tracking allows online businesses to track and value sales from sources not traditionally tracked, such as Google™, organic search listings, press releases, blogs and more. This enables an online business to track and fully optimize all their traffic sources, maximizing their bottom line. With innovative technology, such as Virtual Affiliate™ tracking, LinkConnector has set out to redefine affiliate marketing and connect online businesses to the future.

Most current affiliate networks account for no more than 25% of an online merchant’s traffic. Bid management vendors (Paid Placement) account for another small percentage of traffic. However, the largest percentage of traffic usually comes from the remaining untracked traffic sources, such as organic search engines. LinkConnector’s Virtual Affiliate™ tracking has been created to uncover 100% of the traffic sources that send businesses online visitors. This includes all traffic from Virtual Affiliates, such as organic search engines like Google™, Yahoo®, MSN®, press releases, blogs, and other site traffic.

Virtual Affiliate™ tracking helps online businesses determine its most effective sources of traffic, the most successful landing pages on its site, the top-performing keywords in an organic space, and it provides for real-time identification of other previously untracked traffic sources like press releases and blogs. Virtual Affiliate™ tracking also enables online businesses to compare organic search engines against Paid Placement performance, a must with ever-increasing online media budgets.

“Virtual Affiliate tracking is changing the way online businesses will think of search. Armed with intricate knowledge of their site’s traffic and performance, businesses will be able to optimize their revenues like never before,” said Choots Humphries, president of LinkConnector. Visit to learn more about the new LinkConnector Affiliate Program.

LinkConnector is a performance-based Affiliate Program, helping merchants and affiliates increase online sales. LinkConnector is redefining affiliate marketing with its ground-breaking technologies, Naked Link Technology® and Virtual Affiliate™ tracking. Naked Link Technology gives merchants a unique edge over competitors—merchants can now boost their organic rankings through an enhanced link building campaign while they promote their site in LinkConnector’s Affiliate Program. Virtual Affiliate™ tracking allows merchants to track, in real time, virtual affiliates such as organic search engines. Equipped with LinkConnector’s new tools, including advanced ROI tracking, merchants can take their organic and paid search campaigns to new levels.

Visit to find out more about new LinkConnector technologies.

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