FraudFREE™ Protection

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LinkConnector has a zero tolerance fraud policy that is backed by our FraudFREE™ protection system. This system employs advanced technologies to find and eradicate dishonest merchants and affiliates permanently from the LinkConnector Network. In our network, we have a "one strike and you're out" policy. And, contrary to what is typical these days, we don't mean "one strike and you're out" of any complaining merchant's campaign, but permanently out of our network. We believe our philosophy and technology to date in this arena to be industry leading. Currently the Front Door Fraud Protection (FDFP) component of FraudFREE rejects nearly 60% of applicants deemed too risky.

LinkConnector believes that if fraud could be eliminated from Affiliate Marketing, honest merchants would pay more for their affiliate marketing efforts, and honest, hard-working affiliates would receive more. We are trying to build a very robust and sophisticated fraud detection and elimination system in FraudFREE. Further, LinkConnector's FraudFREE protection ensures our network's integrity. It is our intention to provide an honest network that earns affiliate and merchant trust.

LinkConnector employs FraudFREE protection technologies including Click Validation, Front Door Fraud Protection, Source Checker™, Merchant Messaging, and Data Pattern Matching.
  • Click Validation: Affiliates will not receive click/cookie credit for subsequent clicks from the same computer within the same one hour.

  • Front Door Fraud Protection: The FDFP component of FraudFREE uses application data, coupled with information on fraudulent activity compiled by LinkConnector, to review and reject any affiliate that we deem too risky. This helps to prevent affiliates more apt to commit fraud from entering into our network.

  • Source Checker: Merchants have the control to approve which of the Affiliate's websites are accepted for particular campaigns. Therefore, not all affiliates or affiliate websites need be approved for all merchant campaigns. If a recorded referrer is not from a valid, approved website for the specific campaign, the affiliate will not be credited with the click and the cookie will not be recorded. This Source Checker Module also allows the merchant to restrict affiliate promotion in search engines, thereby gaining more control of their brand and products, if so desired. Source Checker also checks the referrer for merchant nominated domains to ensure event code has not been placed on sites not controlled by the merchant.

    Source Checker provides source recognition for Affiliates. The Source Checker module is used as part of Naked Link® campaigns to uniquely identify the referring affiliate in order to assign appropriate click/cookie credit.

  • Merchant Messaging: Merchant Messaging notifies a merchant about potential and actual invalid affiliate activity. LinkConnector's system also makes note of the occurrence in order to take further action against this activity should it become necessary.

  • Data Pattern Matching: This technology is unique to LinkConnector where our system utilizes a variety of information about click, referrer, and transaction activity and relates it to known, proven sources of similar traffic in order to identify possible fraudulent activity. This technology has proven to be 99% reliable in pinpointing fraudulent affiliates within our system, so we can permanently remove them.
FraudFREE is an automated system that monitors affiliate and merchant activity for fraud once they are in our system. We routinely suspend affiliates monthly for fraud and update our FDFP algorithm to keep them from getting back in. For any merchant committing or promoting fraud, we will kick them out too. We feel, as the network, it is our job to ensure honest transactions on both sides and protect both parties equally.