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You Are a Top Priority
Affiliates are equal partners in the LinkConnector Network. We have created an Affiliate Relations team to give our affiliates top support and representation. We work closely with our merchants to ensure payouts are fair and competitive. We also enable you to keep an open line of communication with your merchant partners.

LinkConnector has also developed affiliate-centric tools and technologies to provide our affiliates with more ways to generate revenue—and to generate their revenue more quickly and efficiently.

Gain Access to Hundreds of Top Merchant Offers
We boast one of the industry's fastest growing percentages of the Internet Retailer's Top 500 Merchant List. We are proud to offer dozens of Exclusive and Highest Paying Merchant Offers among the biggest industry brands. Check out our Featured Merchant List.

More Choices: Standard Links, Naked Links, and Beyond
The LinkConnector Network offers all the standard benefits you will find in other affiliate networks, including ad serving and tracking, standard linking campaigns, and more. However, LinkConnector provides new and different technologies and approaches to affiliate marketing that are brand new to the industry.

Your Trust is Earned
LinkConnector stands firm with a unique zero-tolerance fraud policy. So, affiliates can rest assured that they are partnering with a high-integrity affiliate network that will protect the best interest of their businesses.

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LinkConnector Key Benefits

Devoted Affiliate Relations Team
  • Dedicated Affiliate Relations Department to give affiliates equal representation and to work closely with LinkConnector Merchants to ensure competitive payouts in the industry
  • Dedicated affiliate representative, assigned with direct email and telephone support, for top-performing affiliate accounts
Hundreds of Top Merchant Campaigns
  • Rapidly growing number of Internet Retailer Top 500 Merchants
  • Dozens of Exclusive and Highest Paying Merchant Offers
  • Hundreds of big industry brand merchant campaigns, across multiple verticals
Advanced Technologies to Take Your Affiliate Program to the Next Level
  • Quick and dynamic system to pinpoint optimal merchant promotions with Affiliate Connections
  • Advanced Events, such as Pay Per Call and Pay Per Go, provide additional earning power (these come in addition to other standard events, Pay Per Sale, Pay Per Lead, and Pay Per Click)
  • An alternative tracking method to our Standard Linking campaigns with Naked Link Technology® — this allows affiliate websites to seem more editorial in nature to users and search engines, thereby improving their standing as an authority site.
  • State-of-the-art FraudFREE™ Protection
Advanced Reporting and an Easy-to-Use Interface
  • Comprehensive Reporting, including ten advanced reports, which monitors site performance, identifies trends, and alerts affiliates of any special circumstances before their customers are affected
  • Ability to manage multiple sites within one account
  • Fast and easy link creation, supporting multiple link types and offers
  • Easy-to-use Product Feeds, and dynamic Product Feed Creatives, for your site
Customized Communications
  • New Campaign Announcements, bi-weekly, to provide affiliates with a quick reference to new merchant offers
  • Newsletters from LinkConnector Merchants keeping you informed and your site up-to-date
  • Real-time affiliate notifications for code issues, expired links, and more
  • Complete Opt-Out interface enabling affiliates to receive only communication types they desire
Other Core Differences

Technological Differences

LinkConnector provides all the standard functionality that you will find in the industry, however we are providing new and different technologies that are truly setting us apart. For instance, we provide a method to assist affiliates in finding the right match for their traffic, as this is an area that most networks do little to help. Affiliate technologies that help optimize affiliate efforts benefit both affiliates and the merchants they promote. Click here to learn about our technological differences and how our network is changing the way merchants and affiliates view affiliate marketing.

Philosophical Differences

It is typical in the affiliate marketing industry for merchants to be treated as the primary customer by networks while affiliates are treated as the secondary customer. LinkConnector acknowledges affiliates as partners and has created an Affiliate Relations department that allows LinkConnector to offer its top affiliates representation similar to the way LinkConnector's merchants are represented. Click here to learn about this and our other unique approaches to affiliate marketing.

We believe that the LinkConnector Network has the most trustworthy and easiest system to maximize revenues among other affiliate networks you will find in the industry. Our long-term goals and superior technology, that we continue to create and advance, back this belief. LinkConnector is the top brand you can trust.

Customer Quotes

"My success with the LinkConnector Network is not a simple matter of luck; it's a labor of love in association with the tools and systems provided by LinkConnector.

With the LinkConnector reporting system I can monitor the impressions served and click actions taken by my viewers. If I see that viewers are getting the ads served up, but no click actions are happening, I now know I must re-evaluate the campaign and possibly redesign the website. It's a great way to get the campaign going solid before turning it loose to cook.

I can also run the reporting tools so that I can learn more about my best performing ads. I like to go take a look at those too and figure out why it's performing well, then see if I can replicate the results else where. If I'm serving up a lot of impressions and clicks, but not producing sales that means I definitely have to redesign the website. The LinkConnector network provides me more focused stats (by domain) and that really helps conversion monitoring."

Bobbie G., Wild Wolf Webmasters

"For my business development, I love: Your Raw Data file page- absolutely the easiest RDF that I have ever used- brilliant! The merchants that you recruit have just the products/services to make my developing niche a go. Your simplified but pertinent reports are great! Your method of introducing affiliate to merchant via email w/ Accept-Deny links is a good idea!"

Larry J., JJPlace.com