Affiliate Connections™

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Affiliate Connections Benefits
  • Provides a quick and dynamic system to help affiliates find optimal promotions for their sites.
  • Takes the guess work out of matching the right merchant promotion with your site traffic.
  • Quickly identifies which promotions make you the most money.
Affiliate Connections provides a quick and dynamic system to help affiliates find optimal promotions for their sites. Using this technology, an affiliate can sample multiple promotions from one or more merchants. The Affiliate Connections system then optimizes the display to the better performing links on the affiliate's site thereby increasing earnings for both the affiliate and merchant.

Currently, an affiliate grabs code from an Affiliate Network to promote a merchant's product or services. This code is placed on an affiliate's site in the form of a link (text, banner, or otherwise). The code is specific to a merchant and its promotion. LinkConnector's Affiliate Connections™ technology allows an affiliate to break free of this paradigm by allowing an affiliate to create a connection to LinkConnector. This client-side code requests a promotion from LinkConnector on every page view of an affiliate's site. With LinkConnector dynamically populating the content on an affiliate's site, the possibilities for optimization are almost limitless.

Affiliate Benefits

With Affiliate Connections, affiliates are able to create and establish a connection and then manage that connection from within the LinkConnector interface. They are able to add multiple promotions to one connection to be optimally (or specifically) served. These promotions could be all from the same merchant or could include multiple merchants at the same time. Over time, LinkConnector automatically recognizes better performing promotions and optimizes the views to maximize an affiliate's earnings.

Merchant Benefits

In addition to the obvious benefit to affiliates, merchants will also benefit from this technology. Affiliate Connections helps more affiliates find an optimal match for their traffic. This increases the number of top performing affiliates for a merchant. Not only are merchants matched up with better performing affiliates, these affiliates will find the merchants more quickly.