Advanced Events

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LinkConnector offers the standard event types such as Pay Per Click, Pay Per Lead and Pay Per Sale. In addition, LinkConnector has developed unique Advanced Events that go beyond standard event types offered in other affiliate marketing networks. LinkConnector's advanced events include Pay Per Call and Pay Per Go.

Pay Per Call

A Pay Per Call event enables merchants to reward their affiliates on a per call basis each time a user, which arrived from an affiliate site, places a call to a merchant. By driving leads from the web to the phone, merchants are better able to close sales and assist customers.

The Benefits

Because phone leads provide an improved conversion rate, both merchants and affiliates benefit from a Pay Per Call event. Many merchants' products and services have a more involved sales cycle, and the Pay Per Call event addresses this issue. Often, merchants with a longer sales process, such as merchants in the travel industry, need to connect with their customers over the phone to discuss their products or services more thoroughly before a sale is consummated. The merchant in these scenarios is able to close the deal much more effectively over the phone. By enabling merchants to reward their affiliates on a per call basis, affiliate marketing is opened up to more merchants.

The Pay Per Call event also benefits affiliates by providing them with more ways to earn revenue. With the Pay Per Call event, affiliates are rewarded for all initiated phone calls, regardless of whether the caller was able to connect with the merchant live.

Using Pay Per Call

Affiliates place an approved merchant's advertisement banner onto their site with the proper tracking code provided to them in their LinkConnector interface. When a user clicks on the merchant's banner ad, and completes the call form, affiliates will then receive credit. If the merchant does not answer the call, the user's information can be forwarded via email to the merchant.

Pay Per Go

A Pay Per Go event is similar to a traditional Pay Per Click event; however, instead of rewarding affiliates for each inbound click to the merchant's site, merchants set an amount to pay for each click outbound from their site. The Go event allows merchants to reward their affiliates for outbound traffic from their site to a partner's site, or to other pages within their own website.

The Benefits

Pay Per Go benefits both merchants and affiliates as it enables merchants to reward their affiliates in more ways, and it opens the door for more merchants to participate in affiliate marketing. Merchants can pay per click based on the quality of traffic. Merchants can request that affiliates do not merely send them traffic, but send them qualified traffic that takes action on their site. This means that merchants are paying for traffic that shops around and has a real interest in the products and services offered on their site.

The Pay Per Go event also expands the ability of merchants to reward their affiliates. Merchants can now pay their affiliate partners not only for things they sell and promote, but also for the products and services of their partners. The Go event also encourages affiliates to drive more targeted traffic to the merchant's site, creating superior affiliate programs.

Using Pay Per Go

A Go event can be used on image or text links. The commission amount can vary for each link on a page within one event. Additionally, the link destination can be within the merchant site or outbound from the merchant site to one of their partner sites.