Who Are We?

We are the one-stop portal for all-things-Ayurveda! The Ayurveda Experience! Be it beauty & wellness products or authentic knowledge of Ayurveda via educational courses, we deliver it for our community, with careful QC and speedy delivery. Our community is built by a loving audience of 400,000 people who seek a healthy and mindful lifestyle through Ayurvedic wisdom. We feel honoured to be spreading the message of this ancient wellness system in the West, tweaked to its modern needs. And we can say that it has been a wonderful journey!
Keeping Quality, Authenticity and Novelty in mind let's get both of our communities to meet and bond through our unique products & services! Especially if your audience is looking for accessible yet natural and highly effective solutions in the domain of skin and hair care. We also put a lot of effort in designing elegant packaging with riveting artwork for our customers, to give them a memorable user-experience.

If you are curious to check us out and understand us better, please visit: https://theayurvedaexperience.com/
If you are into Health, Skin Care, Body Care, Hair Care, Natural Remedies, Stress Relief, Organic Products, Self-Help, Fitness, Yoga or any Alternative Therapy (like Reiki, Acupressure, Charka, EFT, etc.,) then this is for you!
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Why Promote The Ayurveda Experience?
We only feature 100% natural products (face elixirs, eye-care products, hair & body oils and more) with hand-picked ingredients. We are also adamant on careful QC testing, with demonstration videos and supporting content, backed by a responsive customer service in place.
We ship all over the world with USA, CAN and AUS being the major markets.
All products have a 100% satisfaction, 30-days money-back guarantee

Exclusively available online on our website, no offline distributor
Proprietary solutions & products
A perfect addition to the essential oils, other massage therapies and anti-aging treatments.

15% base commission, 3% commission for Coupon Affiliates