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Sovereign Laboratories bovine colostrum products do! Our flagship product Colostrum-LD is the perfect solution for people who suffer from Leaky Gut (also known as intestinal permeability) or are seeking solutions to promote their immune health. Leaky gut is the root cause of a lot of the majority of the public's root health concerns.

Sovereign Laboratories specializes in bovine colostrum and liposomal delivery. The liposomal delivery helps protect the precious 90 bioactives from harsh stomach acid and aids in the delivery of these key elements into the small intestine. Colostrum typically works if the customer takes it twice a day on an empty stomach for 4 weeks. This is the ideal dietary supplement for you to promote because once people try our Colostrum they reorder.

Sovereign Laboratories also sells a wide variety of other popular health and wellness dietary supplements including a detox/cleanse product, probiotic, curcumin, advanced absorption Vitamin C, PRP immune products, and more. If you love promoting health, sign up as a Sovereign Laboratories affiliate today!