Adobe Campaign where users click on product links sending them to the product landing page so they can purchase that product or others. Affiliates will only be paid if they use product-oriented links (i.e., those that utilize lc_pid). No placement of the trademark "Adobe", including variations and misspellings in search engines. These keywords should not appear in the ad title, ad text, or in the ad URL. No direct link to the Adobe Store Website from search engines. No use of the trademark "Adobe" in domains and subdomains. No Cookie-Dropping/Cookie-Spamming. Cookies may be set only on the effective user click on one of the advertising media from Adobe. It is not allowed to set cookies on clicks on the close button or on mouseover. The setting of a cookie on an invisible advertising material or by the invisible loading of the Adobe site is prohibited. This means it is not permissible to use popups, popunders, frames, iFrames or layers which set a cookie without participation of the user. No advertising through Paid4 sites / ad networks / banner networks. Affiliate is prohibited from promoting the partner program through "adware" and "forced clicks" Sites with illegal, violent or pornographic content are excluded from participation in the affiliate program. Illegal advertising environments in this context are particularly file-sharing portals and warez-sites. Only advertising material provided by Adobe is to be used for promotion. No self-created ads may be used, unless this has been explicitly permitted by Adobe. The advertising materials provided by Adobe may be included only on the approved affiliate site URL(s). Use of Adobe advertising materials on other non-approved websites is prohibited. Merchant reserves the right to remove affiliate and withhold earnings for any actions deemed a violation by the merchant.