Welcome to the Cafe Last affiliate program! Is your audience looking to purchase quality products for all their coffee and espresso needs? We sell to small and big business at a wholesale rate, but we also sell to the individual coffee lover. Unlike big-box retailers, our mission at Cafe Last is to make the customer experience more personal and family-like (just like a real-life cafe) by putting an emphasis on customer service before and after the sale. In addition to world-class customer service, we also have the lowest prices of any online coffee retailer on the market, fast and free shipping, and a quality guarantee for all of our orders. Here is our promise to our consumers: -Unparalleled Customer Service -Free Shipping -Quality Guaranteed -Satisfaction Guaranteed -Lowest Price Guarantee -Manufacturer's Warranty On All Products -100% Safe & Secure Checkout Are you excited to be a part of the Cafe Last affiliate Family? Here is what you need to know about our affiliate program! We offer up to a 5% affiliate baseline (2% coupon affiliate rate) - product specific commissioning may result in lower or no commission, please see below for a complete list of lower and non-commissionable items. We also have custom terms for our discount and content publishers. Our program is new, so we are excited to work with our affiliate partners to grow traffic and brand awareness for the Cafe Last brand! We encourage you to post our information on your website, emails or social channels. Your creativity is the limit! We do ask however, that you please do not post paid SEM ads using the Cafe Last Trademark, without express permission from the brand. View Product Commissioning If you have any questions about our affiliate program, have an idea for additional exposure placements on your site or wish to discuss your commission, please contact us! You can reach us at [email protected]