A Brief Introduction to "Modlily"

Modlily, as a women's fashion online store, always focuses on providing our customers with chic items including clothing, jewelry etc. which fit perfectly in their wardrobe at a good price. We are looking for quality affiliate partners to work with!

Why Choose Modlily Affiliate Program on Linkconnector?

By joining Modlily Affiliate Program, affiliate partners can earn money quickly. At the same time, benefiting from our affiliate partners, we keep improving our affiliate program, including bonus and incentive for affiliate partners. It is a virtuous cycle and is helpful for the achievement of the Win-Win situation.

What Modlily Affiliate Program Can Offer?

1> Earn 8%-15% Commission for each sale you refer to;
2> 60-Day Cookies;
3> Weekly updated coupons, deals, textlinks, banners and monthly newsletter;
4> Promptly email service, any requirement or problem will be addressed immediately to your satisfaction.

Email: [email protected]
Modlily Affiliate Team