defencebyte is one of the Australia based company that deals in offering incredible security solutions for Windows computer and operating system. We focus on delivering a sound Internet atmosphere and secure browsing experience to keep users away from every sort of malware and virus infection. We have three important software – computer optimizer, privacy shield, and Anti-ransomware. • Computer Optimizer by defencebyte is a sure shot solution that provides a quick boost in the performance of a PC. • Privacy Shield software maintains full security of online activities and protects users from any security issue present. • defencebyte Anti-Ransomware is one of the best software that helps in keeping the nefarious ransomware issue away from affecting the PCs. All the three products have been designed to meet the requirements concerning all the cyber security breaches. With the advanced technologies and expertise, it becomes easier for users to achieve the best whenever thinking of attaining comprehensive security from cyber-attacks and malware infestations.