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1. What is Zero Breeze?

Zero Breeze is the world's coolest portable 12V battery-powered air conditioner raised over 1.6M USD on Kickstarter and Indiegogo and featured on Gizmodo, CNET Japan, HuffPost, New Altas, and some other media.

Unlike the portable air conditioner sitting in the corner of your bedroom that requires an exhaust vent, an outlet, and a bucket for catching drips, Zero Breeze is as compact as a boombox and can run for up to five hours on its own rechargeable battery. Click the video below to know more!

Zero Breeze is an 1100 BTU portable air conditioner which is capable to cool the environment temperature down from 90F to 72F(depending on surrounding temperature) in a 50 square foot place and reduce the humidity at the same time.

Zero Breeze makes going outdoor in the same comfy temperature inside the house. It is a tiny air conditioner perfect for most scorching outdoor areas like:

  • Camping tent
  • Dog's room
  • Garage
  • Truck
  • RV
  • So much other places

2. What can you get?

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3.Why Zero Breeze?

Zero Breeze is the first truly portable air conditioner with the rotary compressor. After two years of improvement, the mass production has finished and we have shipped it to our backers from worldwide and got tons of praise.

It%u2019s a new product for outdoor activities market. We are the only company that provides the portable air conditioner and we occupy the most of the market share of the portable air conditioner. You will be rewarded with over $70 USD of every order you help refer to our store!

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