Black never goes out of style but sometimes it can look drab. At Ultrascope, we take pride in our 30 years of splashes of hot pink, bold blues, vivid oranges and every other color imaginable detailing our stethoscopes. We love knowing that you use the Ultrascope to help kiddos not fear a trip to the doctor, launch a fun conversation, exhibit your passion for animals, sports, or the outdoors with our customizable stethoscopes! Our stethoscopes all come with a Lifetime Warranty and are Made in the USA, but we ship all over the world. Our customers are doctors, nurses, veterinarians, medical techs, EMT/First Responders, Nurse Practioners, and are wonderful gifts for medical/nursing/vet school graduation! Our average order value is around $125 and are offering a 10% commission on sales. No brand or brand PPC. no coupon sites.