About 3Balls.com

3balls.com is an e-commerce business specializing in the sale and procurement of fine used and new branded golf equipment since 1998. Supplied by many and diverse golf club procurement networks, 3balls.com is uniquely positioned to offer customers a wide breadth of hard-to-find, high quality, branded new and used equipment at value prices.

We fulfill hundreds of orders every day, provide fast and same day shipping for all orders placed before 2pm (Mon-Fri), and have no back-ordered items. We also provide outstanding customer service and 100% customer satisfaction guarantees.

3balls.com sells higher ticket items, has a high conversion rate and caters to a large, loyal and frequently returning customer base. 3balls.com provides an aggressive baseline commission structure below, supported by frequent offer updates, compelling creative and graphics, and expertly merchandised products.

About Our Affiliate Program

6% base commission rate for non-coupon and non-loyalty based websites, 4% base rate for coupon based websites and 6% base rate for loyalty websites. Coupon and loyalty based websites not eligible for the following monthly performance incentive:

  • 7% for monthly sales over $2,500
  • 8% for monthly sales over $7,500
  • 9% for monthly sales over $12,500
  • 10% for monthly sales over $25,000

We are setup with LinkConnector's Infinity Codes - where you have the power to create your own vanity code to help with conversions. If you are not familiar with the setup, it is extremely quick and easy. Click here to Check out the 4 Step Infinity Code document and create your own code today!