• 7.7% Commission on EVERY subscription shipment for the first 12 months!
  • EXCLUSIVE Linkconnector only offer!
  • ONLY Organic Coffee!


  • We started Camano Island Coffee Roasters in 2000 to help change the lives of farmers in the developing world. We do this by only providing USDA Certified Organic, Shade Grown and Fairly Traded coffee through our coffee subscription, the Coffee Lovers Club.


  • To drive signups to our Coffee Lovers Club.


  • Commission: 7.7% on EVERY subscription shipment for the first 12 months!
  • Promotions: To drive sales we offer $20 off the first shipment for all new Coffee Lovers Club members.


  • Our Promo provides $20 off the first shipment when signing up for the Coffee Lovers Club.
  • Our Coffee Lovers Club consists of a 2lb($34.99), 3lb($44.99), and 4lb($51.99) options.
  • Free shipping on all club shipments for Coffee Lovers Club members.
  • Our members average 7 shipments per year.


  • Earn residual income from one sale. We pay on every club shipment for the first year of the new member's membership. Our members average around 7 shipments per year. Over the course of a year you could earn the following depending on club type:

  • - 2lb Club: $17.32
    - 3lb Club: $22.71
    - 4lb Club: $26.48

  • Banners: Wide variety of banners available! Don't see what you need? Contact us. Our in house team can build or tweak banner ads to fit your website and emails.
  • Dedicated In-House Affiliate Team: Let us know if you need anything.
  • Content: We can provide a wide variety of coffee related content. From blogs brew guides, to health benefits, to stories from the coffee farmers and the difference Camano Island Coffee has in helping farmers in the developing world. Just contact us.
  • Promotion of the highest quality coffee on the market.
    - We only pick coffee from the top 1% of the market
    - We only pick USDA Certified Organic Coffee
    - We only pick 100% Shade Grown Coffee
    - We only pick Fairly Traded coffee to make sure our farmers are paid a fair price.
    - We roast and ship direct to the Coffee Lovers Club member within days to provide the freshest coffee experience possible.