Know where the people and things you care most about are from anywhere in the world using all three location services, GPS, Cell ID & Google%u2019s Wi-Fi Touch for indoor locates, and Global 3G/2G GSM technology for connectivity around the world! EASY to use PocketFinder Personal Locator with SOS button and Vehicle Trackers are now available to US and Canada markets! PocketFinder trackers are perfect for Vehicles, Kids, Seniors and travelors. If it can be lost, stolen or wander off, PocketFinder can track it. Log in from the web or free full feature easy to use App. Service includes tracking history, unlimited push/text/email speed and zone notifications, and more for the lowest monthly rate in the industry - $12.95. PocketFinder is intuitive and so easy to use with no additional charges for features other companies sell as upgrades. Our customer base includes people wanting to track their vehicles (cars, trucks, RVs, ATVs, watercraft), parents of teen drivers, fleet owners, parents of children, families with special needs children, seniors, senior centers, adults with Alzheimer%u2019s, Dementia and more.