Carmel Transportation is the largest independent Car and Limousine company on the east coast with over 800 sedans, minivans and SUV's to service customers ground transportation needs in the New York Tri State Area. Carmel also services over 300 Cities outside of New York which guarantees our affiliates easy sales opportunities which of course equals higher revenues. Carmel offers 7.5% commission on all reservations made. The Carmel online reservation web site gets customers everything from price quotes to an actual placement of a reservation anywhere in the world in just a few minutes. Come and join the Carmel Team and start increasing your revenues today. By the way, as a reminder, we have new updated artwork that you should download as well.

Beginning December 2017, Carmel is excited to announce a new and exciting opportunity for our affiliates to earn money with each app download!

Ever since rolling out our new app, we are witnessing thousands of customers downloading the app on a daily basis. Working closely with LinkConnector, we were able to develop innovative technology allowing you to earn money from a market untapped by affiliates before, the app downloads market. This new opportunity by Carmel is an EXCLUSIVE program for affiliates to make money when people decide to download the Carmel Car & Limo service app after visiting your site. Once the customer takes the first ride using the app, you'll receive $5. This is obviously a win-win for the people visiting your site, for you, and for us.

The LinkConnector/Carmel initiative also includes the necessary tracking technology to assure proper payment to you under this new program. Come be part of this new, game changing technology, and start earning more money now!

Here is how it works:
Offering $42 worth of Car Cash in the Carmel Car & Limo app makes the Carmel banner attractive to customers. When the customer clicks on the banner, using LinkConnector and Carmel's new innovative technology, LinkConnector generates a unique Referral Code identifying you to us, and we pass the Referral Code to the customer. After downloading the app, the customer enters your Referral Code in the app and gets to a total of $42 in Car Cash to use for transportation with Carmel. Once the customer takes the first ride using the app, the download process is considered as completed, and Carmel will pay you $5 (through LinkConnector of course).

The world is moving to apps, so join us on this new wave of technology and cash in on all of its potential!

Be sure to upload the new creative to your site and take advantage of this opportunity!