Since 2001, we have been a leader in bringing golfers, of all abilities, great deals on close-out and pre-owned golf equipment. As the leading seller of pre-owned golf clubs on eBay, we have now launched this site to showcase great deals on exclusive close-out and pre-owned specials. Our program has a $176 AOV and a 4.6% CR.

*Performance tier is only applicable to SALE event, not trade-in event.

*Coupon-based websites will receive a flat commission rate of 4% for sales and trade-in's. We ship Internationally!

We are setup with LinkConnector's Infinity Codes - where you have the power to create your own vanity code to help with conversions. If you are not familiar with the setup, it is extremely quick and easy. Click here to Check out the 4 Step Infinity Code document and create your own code today!